From start to finish, this year’s lineup promises to surprise, delight, and challenge audiences in the way only live theatre can. Civic Theatre’s 2018/19 season is brimming with titles you will recognize from Broadway and your favorite books along with one show so exciting that we can’t even reveal its name until later in the season.

Bruce Tinker, Executive and Artistic Director notes, “We were very fortunate to secure the rights to this show – but only if we agreed to withhold revealing the title until a later date this season. The chance to produce one of the most successful and entertaining musicals of recent history was too important to pass up”.   Tinker continued, “As a community theatre, it isn’t unusual for rights to be released with strong guidelines.  If a show is touring, on Broadway, or being produced in a geographic location deemed ‘near’, then our rights are often restricted. One of these examples is the case for the production we will be performing on our stage February/March 2019.  All we can say for sure is it’s a Musical, it’s big, and it’s fun.

There is a delicious sense of anticipation when you’re waiting for the curtain to rise. And this year, that moment is even more tantalizing with a season filled with love, mystery, sacrifice, dreams and an overall sense of WOW!



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Season Sponsors: The Beusse and Porter Family Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, and Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
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