Grades 6, 7 & 8


Fame Musical

In addition to our CORE acting and musical theatre classes, 6th-8th grade students have an exciting array of electives to choose from this year! CORE classes are designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of either acting or musical theatre and are the same curriculum each term. ELECTIVE classes are for students looking for an in-depth exploration of a particular topic and change every term. Take both CORE and Elective classes for a well-rounded theatre education!

CORE Acting

GRADES 6, 7, 8

Fall and Winter – $140

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Students build on the skills taught in Core Acting 4/5, adding physical character exploration to their skill set. Both beginning and returning students discover exciting ways to bring their characters to life onstage! This class culminates in an informal, in-class presentation and fulfills a pre-requisite for the Performance Block.

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CORE Musical Theatre

GRADES 6, 7, 8

Fall and Winter – $140

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Students add to their basic dance and vocal skills while exploring more advanced techniques, including complicated melodies, singing in harmony, and more specific dance styles such as tap and jazz.  Both beginning and returning students feel right at home in this class!  This class culminates in an informal, in-class presentation of a musical theatre song & dance and fulfills a pre-requisite for the Performance Block.

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Fall Electives

10 Minutes, Tops: How to Write a Short Play

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Interested in diving into the theatrical world of writing? This class takes your 6th through 12th grade student’s brilliant ideas and supports them in creating characters and plot points for a ten minute play. This class may require some homework each week in order to build a fully fledged script by the end of our term. Participants have the option to submit their piece to the Ten for All playwriting festival this winter on Civic Theatre’s Mainstage.

Introduction to Shakespeare

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Performing Shakespeare can seem daunting to any performer, but this class makes it fun AND exciting! Students in grades 6-12 learn the basics of decoding Shakespeare’s language and how to make it active for both performers and audiences.  The class will culminate with a Shakespeare inspired informance AND students may have the opportunity to perform as part of the pre-show entertainment for Shakespeare in Love on Civic’s Mainstage in January and February, 2022! 

Costume and Props Design

Introduction to Prop & Costume Design: Preparing for The Knight at Dawn

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Fantastic costumes and incredible props are a hallmark of productions at Civic Theatre!  Come learn from a professional designer how to take costumes and props from the page to the stage by preparing actual pieces for the Performance Block production of The Magic Treehouse: The Knight at Dawn, Kids!

Winter Electives


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Building on the skills from Improv 4-5, through games, activities, and exercises, students learn how the art of improvisation can help improve their performance and unleash their creativity.  Improv teaches students how to think on their feet, react to their scene partner(s) and make bigger choices in their acting.

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Dramatic Discovery

Crash! Pow! Bam!

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You’ll have people laughing out loud when you learn how to safely execute perfect pratfalls, spit takes, slips, trips, double takes, and a variety of stage combat techniques. Aspiring performers walk away from this class with a wide variety of special skills to add to their resume. Some previous acting experience (in class, camp, or productions) is recommended but not required.

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Musical Theatre Audition

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Experienced instructors & performers take your 6th through 12th grade students through the basics of auditioning for a musical theatre production so that they feel prepared and confident every time! Students work on a 16-32 bar audition song, practice the best ways to learn an audition dance combination, and learn audition tips & tricks.  This class is for beginners and students looking to improve their musical theatre audition experience.

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Sketch Comedy

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Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, and Jimmy Fallon all got their start in comedy by learning how to do sketch comedy! Guided by an experienced sketch comedy instructor, students learn the process of sketch writing from brainstorming through presentation! Laughter guaranteed!

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SPRING Electives

Monsters and Magic: Stage Makeup Technique

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Learn about various makeup looks to enhance your next character creation, cosplay, or next Halloween! This class teaches students in grades 6-12 the basics of designing and creating makeup looks of fairies and princesses, animals, monsters, gore, and more!  Each week will focus on a different makeup element and culminate in a final makeup showcase on our last day of class.   This hands-on class requires some homework each week and a $20 materials fee is reflected in the price.

Stage Makeup

School Terms:

October 2 – November 11

January 8 – February 17

April 16 – May 26

April 23 - June 5

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