Grades 9-12


Chorus Line

In addition to our CORE acting and musical theatre classes, 9th-12th grade students have an exciting array of electives to choose from this year! CORE classes are designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of either acting or musical theatre and are the same curriculum each term. ELECTIVE classes are for students looking for an in-depth exploration of a particular topic and change every term. Take both CORE and Elective classes for a well-rounded theatre education!

CORE Acting

GRADES 9 – 12

Fall and Winter – $140

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Students build on the skills taught in CORE Acting 6-8, exploring more advanced acting techniques and script analysis. Both beginning and returning students leave this class with skills that help them grow as performers! This class culminates in an informal, in-class presentation and fulfills a pre-requisite for the Performance Block.

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CORE Musical Theatre

GRADES 9 – 12

Winter – $140

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Students add to their basic dance and vocal skills while exploring more advanced vocal & dance techniques that will serve them as a soloist and ensemble member. Both beginning and returning students feel right at home in this class! This class culminates in an informal, in-class presentation of a musical theatre song and dance and fulfills a pre-requisite for the Performance Block.

Stage Performer

Fall Electives

Broadway Showstoppers

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Explore famous opening numbers each week and learn the song and choreography from musicals like A Chorus Line, Annie, Spongebob, Waitress, and Once Upon a Mattress. This class is for more advanced students who feel confident in exploring original choreography at a Broadway-caliber level!

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Dance Audition Techniques

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Dance auditions got you nervous?! Learn tips and tricks to feel confident and prepared no matter what choreography is thrown at you! This class is for beginners and students looking to improve their musical theatre audition experience.

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Costume and Props Design

Introduction to Costumes

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Students interested in costume design learn how to take what is on the page and develop it into a costume that will inspire the cast and production team alike! This class is fantastic for individuals with a creative and design-oriented mind who are interested in learning about the entire costume design process for a production.

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Develop Your Musical Theatre Audition

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Guided by theatrical professional and director of Once on This Island, Marcus Jordan, students work to find material from musicals that fit the essence and skillset of the actor. Students learn tools to understand their unique strengths within the professional field of musical theatre, their type/brand, and gain language to articulate what they enjoy sharing and singing as a performer! This class is intended for individuals who want to put together an audition package or planning to audition for the Young Artist Studio or college.  This class will require time outside of class to prepare.

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Winter Electives

Fantastical Makeup on Social Media

Tuesdays | $160 | View in Calendar »

Students gain confidence in creating a look from conception to completion that can be shared with family and friends! They learn the history of makeup with media and the Dos and Don’ts of sharing appropriate makeup looks on social media. This hands-on class requires some homework each week and a $20 materials fee is reflected in the price.

Front and Center

Introduction to Props

Saturdays | $140 | View in Calendar »

Students learn where to begin as a Props Master for a full-blown production by creating a detailed prop list, how to pull appropriate props based on the script, and how to use design techniques to create props!

2022-23 School Terms:

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January 7 – February 16

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