While you know us for great productions, the heart of our theatre is so much more.

For one family, our recent production of Sister Act was more than a show. After her brother’s illness and subsequent passing, Nancy Dodge found the restorative and re-energizing creative outlet she needed as an ensemble member in Sister Act.

“After every scene, I could hear my Dad laughing and cheering from the balcony. When the show ended, my mother had tears in her eyes.
It was the most joy I had seen my Dad have since my brother’s illness, and the most I had seen him laugh in years. I am so glad we were able to give him that gift.”

Little did Nancy know, this would be the last time her father saw her on stage. He passed away a few months later, but not before giving her a gift she will treasure forever – a special painting of the Civic Theatre marquee from her show, Sister Act.

Nancy Dodge with Painting

Nancy Dodge holds her father’s treasured gift

For her father, it was a treasured memory of a special time shared with his family – a time where the demands of the world took a step back, and joy took the spotlight.

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