One of the most active and vibrant parts of Civic Theatre’s community is the School of Theatre Arts. This award winning department is the most comprehensive community theatre education program in the country. The school helps students develop their individual skill set while connecting with others in the community. The school allows attendees to dive into various aspects of theatre from acting to dance to what it looks like to be backstage.

We love hearing about the way these classes inspire and inform. A student’s mother recently shared their experience after her son took the Creative Playwriting class this fall.

“I’m the mother of Detroit, 11 years old, who started taking Civic Theater classes last year.  He enjoys all his Civic classes and he’s looking forward to more to come.  However, I’m writing to comment in particular on the class he just completed: Playwriting.

The information was astonishing.  I left asking myself how was that possible?   These kids wrote their own performances! The skill, the depth, the ownership was all so sincere and empowering that I don’t have any way to describe this pleasant surprise. Sure, Civic has a reputation that suggests nothing less, but this class took me by surprise.  Where were you hiding this instructor? Do you know that writing/Art etc. has been annihilated in conventional schooling?  We (everybody!) need this class- when can more sessions get added?! I just want to express the surge of gratitude both myself and my son got from his experience. Simply phenomenal instructor.”

Thanks to Detroit’s mom and others who have shared their student’s experience at Civic Theatre. We can’t wait to see how these young people continue in their theatrical journey!



Have your student take themselves from auditions to the Civic Theatre stage! Our Performance Block classes for grades 2+ mimic the experience of a mainstage process from audition to performance. A professional staff of directors, stage managers, music director, choreographer, designers and technicians will take students through the entire process, culminating in two full staged public performances.

SHOWS: Willy Wonka, Kids and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
GROUP: 2nd and 3rd, 4th-12th

Summer Camp is an exciting time here at Civic Theatre. Students spend a week diving into the art of theatre and making new friends in the process! Registration begins Monday, March 12th!

GROUP: Age 4-12th grade


If you have any questions about classes or the school, feel free to visit our website or call the Education department at (616) 222-6653.