Young Artist Studio


JULY 16TH FROM 6-8 PM AND JULY 20TH FROM 12-2 PM AT CIVIC THEATRE (30 N. Division Ave, Grand Rapids)

  1. Sign up for an audition slot on GRCT’s YAS 2024/25 SIGN UP GENIUS page by clicking HERE.
  2. Fill out the online AUDITION FORM by JULY 10TH.
  3. The day of the audition will consist of the following elements:
    1. WHOLE GROUP EXERCISE: All auditionees in a group will participate in an introductory exercise that is intended to help students gain comfortability in the audition room, determine how they take risks or notes with their choices, and evaluate how they work in a group.
    2. AUDITION PACKAGE: You will have 3 minutes to perform your audition package, which should include a slate (your name, age, and the pieces you are going to perform), at least 60 seconds of a song and 60 seconds of a monologue. You may perform your song and monologue in any order. If you have a third element you would like to offer (musical instrument, special skill, etc) you MAY do so, but your entire package should last NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES!
      1. SONG SELECTION TIPS: Songs from Musical Theatre productions are preferred. Please bring a clean copy of your music in a 3 ring binder for your Be sure to mark where you are going to start and stop. Sing something that you LOVE to sing, which allows you to show off your range and your storytelling abilities. Songs MUST be memorized.
      2. MONOLOGUE TIPS: Monologues from published plays are ideal. Try to choose something written for a character in your approximate age Any time period is appropriate, but if you choose a classical piece, make sure you know what the character is saying in your own words! Please do NOT do an accent. Monologues MUST be memorized.
    3. INTERVIEW: Students will be split into groups of 2-3, and will share in a discussion with fellow auditionees and a program Topics may include: future goals, past experiences, strengths/areas for improvement, non-theatre activities/interests, how students handle stress, how students handle feedback, etc.
    4. DANCE CALL: Prior to Audition day, students should learn the AUDITION CHOREOGRAPHY, which will be available on the program Sign Up Genius Page. All students will have a few moments to review the choreography with a Studio Mentor, followed by learning an additional dance Then students will present both the prepared choreography and additional choreography in small groups.
  4. Please dress comfortably in clothes that allow full range of motion.
  5. Each audition slot will last approximately one hour from beginning to end.
  6. Please arrive at LEAST 15 minutes before your audition time to allow adequate time for parking & check in. Please enter through the main lobby doors to get checked in.
  7. Students will receive email notification of their acceptance or nonacceptance into the program on/around the week of July 22nd.