Hannah Sullivan

Dance and Elective Teacher

Hannah is a west Michigan-based choreographer and educator who has worked with professional & student companies including the Grand Rapids Ballet, Dance in the Annex (DITA), Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Blue Lake International Ballet Ensemble, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Macomb Ballet Company, Muskegon Dance Company, School of Grand Rapids Ballet and HIS Christian Dance Academy. Hannah is a featured performer and choreographer with DITA and in screendance films/commercials, most recently writing/producing the film monogrammatic(2018 premiere). Alongside Tassia Johnson, Hannah co-wrote/directed original contemporary story ballets for the HIS Dance Ensemble from 2011-2018 includingRoyal, Toymaker, Ark, Redand Desert. She is an ArtPrize 2014 juror-award winning collaborator with DITA’s respirador(breather) under the artistic direction of Amy & Erin Wilson. When Hannah isn’t moving or creating movement, she sits down with her clients as a mental health therapist at a private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What inspires you?
Storytelling that asks us to pause and reconnect with humanity through a different lense.

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Dwight Schrute from “The Office”

What was your favorite after school snack growing up?
My mom’s homemade bread. With lots of butter.