Khadijah Brown

Early Elementary

Graduated from Lake Michigan College in 2017 with a degree in Communication and Arts and have a plethora of teaching experience from preschool up to third grade. I got my start in professional theater 5 years ago with Face Off Theatre Company in Kalamazoo, MI. Since then I have been in over 10 shows, received article mentions, awards and was recently promoted to company member of Face Off Theatre in 2022. What I love and look forward to teaching at the Civic is not only meeting the kiddos of Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas but also having this as a goal for this year and placing myself in position to make it come true. I also look forward to creating an environment that the youth can express themselves and have fun while learning about theater!

What Inspires You?
What inspires me is knowing that the kiddos I encounter one day will be the ones who will impart the love, happiness and fun I have shown them!

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Princess Tiana

What was your favorite after school snack growing up?
Any kind of hot chips or Strawberry Shortcake