Josh Keller

Musical Theatre Teacher, Studio Mentor

Since being welcomed to this fabulous theater community over a year ago, Josh is proud to say he has been a part of Ragtime(Keys III), Summer Repertory Theater (accompanist, 2017), Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Annieat Grand Rapids Civic Theater (both ensemble). His most recent works include his Civic Theatre musical directing debut with School of Rockand the Circle Theater Broadway Babes concert last summer. When he’s not in the theater, he teaches piano, voice and studies voice with Linda Dykstra. A well-rounded musician and a budding performer, he is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Civic Theater’s School of Theatre Arts faculty.

What inspires you?
Jazz music, poetry and cooking.  There are just so many options to explore!

Who is your favorite fictional character?
My favorite fictional character is Pooh Bear, because he reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

What was your favorite after school snack growing up?
My favorite thing to snack on (and I feel like such an old man) was Wheat Thins and cheese.