Emily Volz Mills

Youth Acting Teacher

Emily could not be more pumped to join the Teaching Artists of Civic Theater! New to the Civic stage, she most recently played Reza and accordion, in the 2021 season opener, Once.

A lifelong theatre bug and music maker, Emily has pursued music making at the professional level and currently enjoys working as a vocal coach and collaborative pianist with Grand Rapids Voice Collective! A certified music educator, she has had the pleasure of working with students K-12 in Illinois, California and Michigan from the general music classroom to choral settings, specializing in subjects from performance arts to keyboarding. Growing up in Illinois, Emily was extremely active in community theatre and found herself lucky enough to be cast in the Circle of Friends Musical at the (former) American Girl Theatre in Chicago! She attributes her time on the stage to ultimately finding her true self and understanding her path forward in the world. Emily is amazed by the welcoming art community of Western Michigan and delights in working with young performers on their own unique journey.

Outside of performing, Emily is a proud mama, yogi, and interior design wanna be who often buys too many plants.

What inspires you?
Acts of kindness, nature, speaking your truth

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Sarah Crewe and Leslie Knope

What was your favorite after school snack growing up?
Apple slices with peanut butter