Junie B. Jones IS NOT A CROOK

  • By Allison Gregory
  • Based on the book series by Barbara Park

A heart-filled, thoughtful look into the complicated world of kindergarten from the perspective of its sassy resident Junie B. Jones.

Adapted from Barbara Park’s best-selling books comes this comedic play based on the character Junie B. Jones. Today is not Junie’s day: someone stole her new furry mittens! However, things start looking up when she finds a multi-colored pen on the ground that she falls in love with. The pen is truly fabulous, but presents an ethical dilemma for our spunky heroine…does the rule ‘finders keepers’ apply here? Delightfully full of humor, the play examines issues like right and wrong, friendship, and making the right choice. Enjoy a front row seat to the urgent thoughts and loveable characteristics of Junie in this page to stage production.

Recommended for ages 6 and up


April 24-May 3