School of Rock (SRTI Youth Musical)

SRTI Youth Musical

Based on the Paramount movie by: Mike White, Book by: Julian Fellowes, Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by: Glenn Slater

Rocker Dewey Finn poses as a substitute teacher for a class of fifth graders at a prep school. Discovering that his students possess musical talent, Dewey forms a band to compete in the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition. Experience self-discovery, confidence, and hidden connection as it unfolds on the stage.

Recommended for ages 13+



Tickets are $10-16



July 27-August 4

  • July 27-7:30 PM
  • July 28-2:00 PM
  • July 29-2:00 PM
  • August 2-7:30 PM
  • August 4-7:30 PM

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