The Yelnats suffer from a family curse and fourteen-year-old Stanley Yelnats is feeling the pain. Convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, Stanley is sentenced to Camp Green Lake, where nothing is green and no lake is in sight. The Warden has the camp boys spending their days digging holes under the brutally hot desert sun supposedly to build character but soon we learn there may be another reason the warden has them digging holes. Stanley will discover, and perhaps put an end to the family curse. Recommended for age 8 and up audiences.

Individual Tickets: $10-$16

Performance Times

Thursday – Saturday evenings at 7:30pm

Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 2:00pm


October 21-30



  • Myra’s Father, Townsperson: Stathi Afendoulis
  • Kate Barlow , Zero’s mom: Kira Alsum
  • Squid, Townsperson: Nick Altena
  • Judge, Sheriff, Attorney General: Jack Brown
  • Charles ‘Trout’ Walker, Police Officer: David Cobb
  • Driver, Carla Morengo, Collingswood: Jessie Congleton
  • Mr. Yelnats, Igor Barkov, Jesse: Jay Fischer
  • Sam: Devon Jordan
  • Elya Yelnats, Townsperson: Caleb Joyce
  • Stanley Yelnats: Benjamin Lowen
  • X-Ray: Noah King-Bates
  • Mr. Pendanski: Sam Morse
  • Myra, Linda Miller Walker: Megan Prangley
  • Armpit, Stanley I: Jack Shackelford
  • Zero: Andrew Smith
  • Magnet: Owen Taylor
  • Madame Zeroni: Lorna Torres
  • Mrs. Yelnats, Sarah Miller: Laura Uzarski
  • Mr. Sir: Andrew Williams
  • Zigzag: Sam Williams
  • The Warden: Bethany Wissink


GR Civic Theatre’s “Holes” is a Hit With Boys and Girls Alike





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