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Rapid Delivery Improv

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Rapid Delivery Improv PERFORMANCE TROUPE

Lead by a 25 year veteran of improvisational education and performance, Rapid Delivery Improv (RDI) is an outreach/performance opportunity for improvisers to perform at the Civic Theatre and at other Grand Rapids venues. The Troupe offers performance opportunities for trained local actors skilled in improvisation, and because of the varied appeal, provides outreach to audiences that might not otherwise be familiar with the Civic Theatre. Rapid Delivery Improv also provides corporate training workshops for businesses that focus on building teamwork, creativity, productivity, and communications. For information about RDI performances, hiring RDI for private functions or corporate training workshops, please contact 616-222-6653.


Wed – January 11 – Dog Story Theatre – 7:30PM –

Friday – January 13 – Delta Plex Brew Ha Ha 7:25PM (60 Minute Show) –

Wed – March 29 – Dog Story Theatre – 7:30PM –

Wed – April 12 – Dog Story Theatre – 7:30PM –

Wed – May 10 – Dog Story Theatre – 7:30PM –